assignment 3 History of Catfish’s statue

Previously, Bekasi icon statue has ever known at that time that catfish statue which is located at the intersection of Moon-Moon. Catfish fish-shaped sculpture with harp pieces, but better known as the Statue of catfish. Catfish statue was built in 1955, survived for 7 years and abdicated in 2002. Sculpture built by the power of the Regent Moch. Djamhari when it deemed incompatible with the will of the community in the form of an icon. Regents felt catfish and lute pieces suitable for two crops that thrived in the city jakarta, therefore, deserve to be the icon. While catfish and fruit msyarakat feel less worthy lute became icons, Catfish is a fish that greedy and eating everything, and it’s cheap, are harps fruit though almost every garden in Bekasi there but the price is cheap too. So it is not fitting that a statue dijadiin city.
As one long bureaucratic process, finally .. when the rally after April 24, 2002 in Bekasi Sports Stadium, Sri Jaya village head, district Tambun, Mr. Damin Sada with some people who are members of the Association Bekasi Putra Putri Patriot Bekasi (Hipprasi) or Community Kinship Bekasi Agency (BKM) Baghasasi, comes to catfish statue then burn it. Catfish statue along with his lute pieces that leaves memories ..

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