Assignment 2 Daendels Roads

Post Road is a road whose length is approximately 1000 km which stretches along the northern island of Java, from Anyer to Panarukan. Built during the reign of Governor-General Herman Willem Daendels. In each post was established as 4.5 kilometers and connecting stops sending letters. Post Road construction purpose is to facilitate communication between Daendels controlled areas along Java and as a bulwark in the North Coast of Java Island.

When just set foot on the island of Java, Daendels chestnut to build transportation lines throughout the island of Java in order to defend Java from British attack. Daendels wishful thinking to build a road that runs between Anyer Beach to Panarukan realization by requiring each local native rulers to mobilize the people, with the target of making the road many miles. That failed, including workers, were killed. Their heads hung on the tops of the trees on either side of the street. Governor General Daendels was scary. He was cruel, unforgiving. With the iron hand was completed in just one year alone (1808). A remarkable achievement in his day. That’s why the name of Daendels and Post Road and worldwide known until now.



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