Assignment 3


My mother looks so beautiful with her dress tonight

She has a beauty long-black-hair

She plays the violin beautifully.

She must beautify her face for tonight


Goodness is when you realize your  dream to reality of your life.

My father is a good father for me

Adut has finished his assignment  very well.


Please come here as fast as you can because it’s urgent.

The fastness of motorcycle is different from a car

Suli fasten her speed when day was raining.


I sharpen my knife before start cooking.

She cut her meat  sharply.

This cut  have a sharpness like a knife

She speak sharply with her boy friends


The computer have scan with quick when there are a virus

Rini drive a car very quickly

Quickness is the most effective thing in working.

I need to quicken my speed because i was late


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