Assignment 1 Softskill bahasa inggris bisnis 2

Make 5 long sentences using Noun, Verb, Adjective and Adverb

  • my dream is become a success entrepreneur and I must make it come true soon.
    Noun        : my dream, entrepreneur
    Adjective    : success
    Verb        : make, come true
    Adverb        : soon
  • He plays football very good and he looks so sexy

         noun  =  football                                   

         adjective = so sexy

         verb = plays                                         

         adverb  =     very  well                               

  • I got a beautifull flower from her tonight

         Noun        : flower
         Adjective    : beautifull

         Verb        : got
         Adverb        : tonight

  • She will go to the great countri in europ with her husband tomorrow

         Noun        : countri
         Adjective    : great

         Verb        : go
         Adverb        : tomorrow

  • I give ama a nice jacket for his birtday

         Noun        :  jacket
         Adjective    nice

         Verb        : give
         Adverb        : his birtday



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